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There  are different types of shoes, for example: lace high heels and thick  heels. Originally a high heel shoe with a thin sole with or without  heels. This shoe is called "décolletée" because it reveals its feet.

Etymologically,  the name comes from the Italian Scarpino (small shoe), which comes from  Scarpa (shoes). Today, the term generally refers to women's high heels  shoes. In Quebec, the term "high heels" refers to another type of shoe, the  term termed "high heels".

When the boot is a kind of  all-female shoe pleaser since the twentieth century, the first dressed  maid was forced to hold the feet together to keep the shoe in place.  Originally flat and light, high heels were basically. In the middle of the  fourteenth century, this name was actually given to these high heel  shoes for women, because they make noise as he walks, resembling growing  earth. During Restoration and under Louis Philippe, it is worn by men  and women for the bullets in a painted model and lined with silk braid.  The elegant-looking high heels pleaser appeal to women in the 18th century  decorated with lace and ribbons, and creatively add a heel.


During  World War II, restrictions prevent the authors from finding the scarpe con tacco traditionally used for stilettos. New unused materials such as  cork or plastic replace the heel of the heel. In the early 1950s, heel  high heels arrived in Italy. The shoe is first used in France in 1947  during a Christian Dior fashion show. This type of shoe becomes one of  the most important features of the New Look silhouette, confirming  femininity and emphasizing the elegant silhouette of the models. The  two-tone version of Chanel and Massaro is very popular. In the following  years, Jackie Kennedy decided to combine all high heels high heels with  their pleaser high heels. The shoe, subject to prestige and high social  position, is quickly bred by many first ladies. In the 1960s, doctors  accused high heels of the negative effects on the back of all diseases.  This type of women's shoes is neglected in favor of flat high heels  recommended by feminists. The shoe quickly loses its prestigious image,  especially because it was used by the managers. About thirty years  later, in the 1990s, he is back in the fashion world. The French, the  largest consumer of footwear in Europe, buys on average six pairs of  shoes per year. In 2005, 105 million stilettos were sold worldwide.  Today's high heels are popular among such famous artists as Salvatore  Ferragamo and Charles Jourdan.


Pleaser  high heels do not have a closure system and slide into the shoe. It can  sometimes be open at the end. It can be angled (or "cut"), pointed (in  some models, even conical) or warhead. It is sometimes fitted with a  strap that closes the ankle. This thread can be simple, double, crossed  on the spine, adorned with different ornaments (rhinestones, chains,  beads ...) or on some models with high heels (5 cm) even wide enough to  accommodate two small loops. The heel measures at least four inches. If  it is very long (over 10 cm) and very thin, it is also called stiletto  heel or stiletto heel. Sergio Rossi has made a pair of crocodile high heels  covered with gold leaf, making it a goldsmith. This couple has a twin  sister covered with money. Pumps shoes as a refined object and symbol of  some feminine elegance can be the subject of some fetishism.


A  transparent heel or plexiglass heel shoe is a high heel wedge shoe made  of transparent material. Usually empty, the platform may contain a  variant of light, liquids or even a fish. The materials used may include  polycarbonate, PVC, polymethyl methacrylate (lucite) and acrylic resins  1,2. The heel on the back of the shoe may be transparent, but also  opaque or colored. This style can be used to refer to the glass doors in  the Cinderella style in a ball.2 (although this apocratic allusion is  like high heels does not wear glass shoes, but squirrel skin.) As such,  it is considered sensual high heels shoes.

Noticeable marks like  the Pleaser high heels, which include this heel style, are Pleaser and  Luscious4. In 2009, the New York Magazines show that the trend is in  fashion in 2010, especially if this type of shoe appears in the  collections of Dsquared, Prada and Fendi clothing. Some celebrities have  been criticized for wearing this type of heel because it is sometimes  associated with strippers. The stiletto heel is a thin, high heel shape  that is usually associated with shoes and boots that are usually worn by  women. They generally vary from 2.5 cm to 25 cm or more when a wedge is  involved in the production. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the  shape of lace designed by Italian shoemakers was not more than 5 mm.  This fashion accessory symbolized feminine elegance. Modern stilettos  are made of molded plastic and usually have a rod or metal alloy for  reinforcement.


Historically,  fetishist drawings from the 19th century show the wear of stiletto  heels as a sexual fantasy. The look of the stiletto heel is from the  1930s and was designed by several designers and manufacturers. The  precursors of high heels high heels were perhaps pedestals originally  designed to avoid contact with dirt on the floor, which later became a  symbol of power and social status6. and later platform shoes in the  pre-war 1940s, which lost popularity at the end of World War II.  Reintegration of men in civilian life is a return to home that  encourages women to come home. Fashion emphasizes femininity and  everything that goes with it, including the stiletto heel. Stylist  Charles Jourdan decided in 1951 to thin the heel of the classic shoe and  increase it to 8 cm1. However, it seems as indirectly the inventor of  high heels high heels is the stylist André Perugia, who in the 1940s had  designed shoes with heel similar to the Parisian singer Mistinguett in  the 1940s and in plastic but their consistency Sample put. Roger Vivier,  who then worked for Christian Dior, had the idea of ​​inserting a metal  rod into the heel to make it more resistant. This technique quickly  replaces the wood heel. According to Viviers, the stiletto heel is made  of a conical low heel of Louis XV style "marked with pencil". Kristin S.  Wagner is also behind the success of the fashionable stiletto heel.

Popularization and effects of high heels pleaser

Their designs were developed, high heels became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and were made public. Its  existence was first announced in the American Daily Telegram on  September 10, 1953 under the name "Stiletto" because of its resemblance  to the same name dagger. Brooch whose heel mimics the streamlined profile. But the word "high heels" for women's shoes is known since the 1930s. The  success of sexy shoes is exhausted after the 1960s, around the 1980s  and 1990s, before returning to trading in the 21st century. High  heels are important since the year 2000, while girls give a touch of  femininity by wearing everyday clothes such as skirts or jeans. The Italian Salvatore Ferragamo, a Hollywood star, stretches the heel on larger and larger heels of 12 cm heel. American  stars like Gina Lollobrigida, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe record  this type of sale and have also contributed to popularization.

No summer without high heels!

Girls,  it's still time: high heels season is coming! Show your feet! Air high heels  for an Adventure Vacation Who doesn't know and doesn't like it, for this  first day of long awaited summer, when you finally change your shoes or  your sneakers against fine high heels? The feeling of freedom on the feet  and the taste of strawberry ice cream on the tongue - summer ... summer.  Most recently this time we have to get acquainted with today's trends  in high heels, because each year we have new models, the well-known choice.  We will help you in the selection and tell you which styles give the  tone this summer. For lace, with heel or maxi? You must have these  high heels!

# Strappy high heels: incomparable feminine and  really flattering! Strappy high heels are a tribute to femininity and  icing on the cake of party dresses or elegant dresses and skirts.

#  Wedge high heels: Informal wedges with wood or cork soles are one of the  summer trends and they breathe the sheer feeling of holidays. Combine  Feel-Good models with airy summer dresses or denim shorts and treat  yourself to a holiday.

# Roman high heels: Now a classic, these  high heels are indispensable in our shoe set. We prefer to use occasional  gladiator high heels this season in precious metallic tones that fit well  with tanned legs.

#Lateau: Do you also belong to the girls who  like to go out loud? So, the current platform high heels are made for you  because they miss you quickly in a significant growth spurt and visually  longer legs. Whether you choose a square heel or sexy stiletto heel,  you will at least be a queen queen!

Women high heels - from practical to elegant

high heels  are the ideal shoes for spring and summer outfits for many women: they  are comfortable, airy and can be combined with style for beautiful  summer dresses. In the online store you will find fashionable high heels of  different types and will be able to choose from a large number of  different models. The flat high heels are synonymous with fun and summer  feelings. They are very comfortable and provide enough fresh air to your  feet, even at high temperatures. It is sensible to use high heels of this  type in the garden, in the shop or on the beach. Initially, the word  sandalette means a flat-heeled shoe. In recent years, creative designers  have designed many variations of this style with high heels shoes,  which are becoming more and more popular among women. These include  elegant wedge high heels and wedge high heels. Shoes of this type inspire  their informal elegance and are available in the online shop Pleaser  under many variations and shapes. Wedge heel or plate soles are often  used with summer skirts or tight-fitting pants. The high heels high heels  combine stunning elegance, joy and enjoyment of vivre. These are the  ideal shoes for a crazy summer party. The more discreet models of this  type can be worn with good conscience at work or at parties. As for the  condition of the suspended, high heels are available in the online store in  many variants. You can find shoes from home with different widths of  thongs, thongs or tracery. Some of the high heels are also decorated with  precious stones.

high heels in Pleaser Online Shop - Stylish Brands at Affordable Prices

Enjoy  the wide selection and selection of brands in the Pleaser Online Shop!  By clicking on the desired shoes you also get important information  about the corresponding product. Buying shoes is really fun! The Catwalk  brand is a popular supplier of women's high heels shoes and is  represented by a variety of models. The shoes offered by Catwalk are  mainly high heel high heels (also evening high heels), available in different  colors and variations. The heels in high heels have a maximum height of  13.5 cm. In addition, you can buy various stylish wedge high heels from the  brand in the online store. Graceland high heels inspire high quality women  and an original look. In the online store you will find Graceland  high heels with flat soles, characterized by a successful design and high  degree of comfort. Some of the high heels are also equipped with gemstones.  In addition, the Graceland brand has different 60-style wedge high heels  in the online store. You can also buy shoes from Pleaser in the online  store on trendy 5th Avenue. These are mainly available in different  colors, wedge high heels, some cork-colored heels up to 10 cm high. The  Graceland brand has different wedge high heels from the 60's in the online  store. You can also buy shoes from Pleaser in the online store on trendy  5th Avenue. These are mainly available in different colors, wedge  high heels, some cork-colored heels up to 10 cm high. The Graceland brand  has different wedge high heels from the 60's in the online store. You can  also buy shoes from Pleaser in the online store on trendy 5th Avenue.  These are mainly available in different colors, wedge high heels, some  cork-colored heels up to 10 cm high.

Order heels shoes easily and comfortably

Pleaser  Online Shop offers you a number of benefits. The purchase of shoes  becomes a real shopping experience. The clear webshop gives you the  opportunity to quickly get a good overview, compare the shoes and choose  the desired model in a targeted and fast way. Delivery comes on time,  so you can try your shoes in a few days at home and test them. Delivery  and return of shoes is free. You also have the option of returning shoes  ordered online at a Pleaser store on site. Buying shoes from pleaser in  the online store also gives you the advantage of having access only to  the exclusive models available here. By sailing abundantly, you will be  able to discover the latest trends and the latest pleaser shoes. By the  way, you can't just buy shoes at Pleaser online, but also order shoes  and other accessories at a good price.

Summer high heels with heel for women

Perfectly  stylish in the summer! With modern high-end pleaser high heels, you are  well equipped. Here you will find the most beautiful and beautiful  summer shoes in the coming season. Whether with rhinestones or a large  loop: affordable high heels designers have no limits in your work. Also in  terms of comfort, high heels convince the entire line. Due to high quality  materials, pleaser high heels not only have a fantastic appearance, they  are also synonymous with comfort.

Cheap women's shoes for the new season

With  fashionable pleaser high heels you make a contradiction, because for the  summer season, light and cheap shoes are a must-have. In addition,  fashionable high heels can be used on almost any occasion. This women's  shoe is a great choice for many events, whether for recreation or for  reputable occasions. high heels go for both long pants and summer dresses.  This shoe is perfect for completing the summer outfit of the new season.  We thank you for your interest in our cheap summer shoes and we wish  you much pleasure in your future pleaser purchases!

Pleaser playful and feminine

As  the summer approaches, you should finally decide to empty the domestic  shoe rack and use shoes that are much more airy than the ones you have  worn before. Looking for the perfect symbiosis between a sandal and an  elegant high heel shoes? So take a look at our online store! high heels you  find here will not let anything be desired and will surely inspire you  with its high quality and trendy design.

Enjoy the summer - in Pleaser high heels shoes

At  this time, you have the free choice of fashionable high heels of different  shapes, colors and styles. Find your favorite leather, synthetic and  stylish textile model in a variety of shades, and make your look very  personal and unparalleled for the summer. Of course, it doesn't matter  if you want to wear high heels that are chosen for a high-end occasion or  rather plan a summer shopping trip through the city. Our high heels are  perfect for any occasion.

high heels skillfully combined

high heels  in our collection are specially designed for the summer. This means  that they not only guarantee good comfort even without socks or socks,  but they can also be combined optimally with the most popular summer  look. Wear our high heels with casual shorts, bright summer dresses or  feminine long skirts and fully enjoy the warm days. The best way to do  this is simply to get an idea of ​​the rich selection, then decide after  a thorough review of your highlights among the high heels offered here. We  wish you much fun with your new favorite Pleaser summer shoes!

High heels shoes are stylish companions in the summer

Summer  time is the time for high heels! Finally, we can shine the sun on our  feet and shine with nails that are well maintained in high heels. In  addition to the sun and a delicious ice cream, they are indispensable  for the hottest time of the year. Especially popular models are  described as versatile, elegant and comfortable. The pieces are  versatile, fashionable models that are interpreted over and over again.  Some designs are simple and flat, others go up a paragraph with a  paragraph. Because you also wear high heels shoes and the trendy pieces  are often colorful or sharp, you will be assured of a fantastic  performance.

The overall version contains at least  as much detail as its flat counterpart, high heels. At the same time, it  works warmer (leg) lengths. Popular shoes represent freedom, style and  timeless chic. The classic models are leather models that will follow  many summer worshipers and will be a blessing to your feet because they  are incredibly comfortable and airy. Solid models are very easy to  combine and are always a good idea. Whether on birthday party, noisy  shopping or at work. Fans of rugged design choose high heels in unusual and  innovative variations in colorful rainbow colors, or with beautiful  ornaments. Fans of strong variations must certainly buy a pair of  platform high heels. Thanks to the plateau, even high heights are no  problem and you do not have to go without high wear. Only one thing  remains: the endless pain of choosing between high heels with heels and  closed shoes.

High heels are available in completely different styles

Summer  is coming and you're looking for the perfect companion? PLEASER online  store is the best place to go if you are looking for fashionable and  high quality high heels. You will find a wide variety of different types of  high heels. Delicate stiletto heels cling to the foot with thin straps and  discrete curls. They are available in vibrant summer colors such as  orange, which are especially suitable for already tanned skin. Cut  high heels give a little more material. Here and there the skin flashes  between the top of the shoe. This look is very elegant and complemented,  for example by a golden zipper on pastel shades. In addition to these  models with delicate and sensual details, there are also models with  several concrete shapes. With square heels platform variants, the focus  is on the heel, which perfectly complements casual jeans outfits, like  the trendy look of cork. It gets even more casual with sneaker style  models. The characteristic raffia sole combines well with bright and  colorful outfits, where the bikini is already standing under the top or  the luminous t-shirt floats in the soft summer wind. With heeled high heels  you can walk along the beach safely, because uneven floors are not an  obstacle to this variety shoe. It gets even more casual with sneaker  style models. The characteristic raffia sole combines well with bright  and colorful outfits, where the bikini is already standing under the top  or the luminous t-shirt floats in the soft summer wind. With high heels  high heels you can walk along the beach safely, because uneven floors are  not an obstacle to this variety shoe. It gets even more casual with  sneaker style models. The characteristic raffia sole combines well with  bright and colorful outfits, where the bikini is already standing under  the top or the luminous t-shirt floats in the soft summer wind. With  heeled high heels you can walk along the beach safely, because uneven  floors are not an obstacle to this variety shoe.

The  purchase of high heels has become an emotional experience and elegantly  complements all the outfits of women's fashion. "Today, we are more  likely to sell a world of emotions than just shoes," said Francis C.  Rooney, former chief of a large corporation. high heels represent the  freedom, brightness and summer feel of the feet. You can combine them  for something and they are not wrong for some reason. That's what makes  high heels so attractive. The ankle strap is a special style factor for  piece models: The thin strap around the ankle cuff gives the delicate  shoe more grip on the foot and adapts it at the same time as an ankle.  In general, the pieces are a mix of details: Find your favorite pieces  between metal applications, velvet fabrics, sharp or angular shapes,  asymmetric lines, efficient prints, fringes and loops. Colors in the  evening are of course also in classic black, not only in stylish style  with stiletto, but also with a profiled square heel and an ankle belt  sought. Dance these amazing heels with elegant shorts or a chiffon dress  or let them take you for a cocktail party. Choose according to your  mood, but always keep a well maintained foot in these airy parts. At  PLEASER you can meet for hours of reflection. But let's be honest: only a  pair of high heels can satisfy

Shoes for women with high heels online - unsurpassed for the summer

In  the world of women's shoes, high heels with heels are the shoes of choice  for spring and summer. high heels are a special type of sandal that women  like to wear because they have a heel. high heels are not  just shoes, they are also a fashionable accessory and a faithful  companion. They emphasize your appearance in a variety of styles. They  are also airy, quite fashionable and give you a feminine touch.

With  heeled high heels, comfort should not be overlooked. Strappy heels give  the forefoot and ankle a stable fit. Looking forward to, you can find  new shoes in the local department as well as online and always this  year's trends. Stylish high heels high heels like Tamaris, Rieker or Marco  Tozzi are available at competitive prices - as well as more sporty  models from Cityline Women, Tom Tailor, Caprice and Esprit.

The right plateau sandal with heels for every occasion

Heel  Shoes for Women with High Heels Online are perfect for a long day at  the office or for shopping. They are comfortable but always more elegant  than high heels without heel or mule. They also give you a unique summer  feeling. Even on the hottest days, your feet, often hidden in shoes and  closed socks, you get enough fresh air and sunshine. Platform high heels  with heels are available with different heights: Depending on the model  you choose, you can use it every day or in the garden or for a good  dinner. Pleaser offers women's high heels in the following sizes:

    Size 36

    Size 37

    Size 38

    Size 39

    Size 40

    Size 41

    Size 42

In  recent years, creative designers have not only designed high heels, but  also a high heels sandal that has proven itself on footwells and red  carpets in the world. high heels with black heels are particularly elegant;  especially on hot summer days, but it can also be a light white  variant. The ladies are not only thrilled, but they love these summer  variants of pumps and high heels.

How to combine your women's shoes with heels

The  training is for goblet high heels and wedge high heels. They go well with  casual denim skirts, colorful summer dresses or tight jeans that are 7/8  length.

Stylish, narrow, high heel high heels and  sparkling items are perfect for summer parties. Heeled high heels that  shine in shiny silver or shiny gold are particularly fashionable. You  can also combine a knee-length skirt or an elegant leather leggings with  an elegant shirt or blouse.

You can also, at any time,  attract more discreet models with lower pole dance high heels height in the office.  Combined with a suit or trouser pack, you get a very elegant outfit that  doesn't look exaggerated.

Treat your feet with something good

Women  chic high heels give you the opportunity to put your feet in the right  light. Let them breathe the amazing summer air and combine comfort and  elegance. You will surely find the pleasure of choosing the right  high heels for you and your occasion. So what are you waiting for? Make you  the podium!

High Heels is an important shoe for women

As  summer, sports shoes and ballerinas are gradually approaching  lightweight women's shoes and especially the famous high heels. These  women's shoes of different shapes, sizes or colors quickly become  crucial thanks to their brightness, their comfort and the fact that they  leave their breath in their feet. There are many models of barefoot  different and varied to vary in pairs depending on his style of clothing  or his outfit. For example, with a denim dress, black or white wedge  high heels will fit perfectly, while with denim shorts and a basic t-shirt,  flat high heels with smooth leather will fit perfectly. In addition, the  sandal is worn under all conditions, even in the city instead of  sneakers on the beach as beach shoes as it can replace flip-flops. So  what will be your favorite pair of women's high heels this summer?

A wide selection of heels for every taste

The  Pleaser fashion area offers many pairs of women's heels, more feminine  and trendier than the others. First, the website offers women's high heels  with different types of soles. Pleaser offers slats with thin soles and  straps, or thin white or black laces at the front and even the ankle.  Leather flange with pompom, high heels with beaded straps, fringed high heels,  sequined or aztec high heels, Pleaser offers different flat high heels. There  are different types of wedge high heels. In fact, the height of the heel  can vary from 4 or 5 cm to ten. Wedge high heels with ropes or sole with  metallic wedge heel or leather are just a stone's throw away. New in  trends, Platform-type high soles that come in all forms: slippers,  spartan type, open toe, openwork high heels, nail high heels, these high heels  are worn both day and night. Finally, there are traditional high heels with  thin or thick heels.

All women's essential high heels this summer at Pleaser

These  high heels high heels are next to pumps and give a more modern look to  your overall or night and day wear. These high heels are made of different  materials. There is a whole collection of leather high heels and bare  leather feet, but also suede high heels, reptile lacquer high heels, canvas or  velvet high heels. The online shoe brand also offers various colored  high heels with red or black classic high heels, but also more original  high heels with blue high heels, flower high heels, iridescent high heels or  iridescent effect high heels. If you like originality, they are patterned  or sequined high heels for you. high heels or buckles with rivets, with edges  or metal,

Ultra trend, the sandal is an accessory

Check  out all the cheap designer shoes on Pleaser. It not only offers high  heels for all women and all shapes and colors, and the fashion area also  offers men's high heels and high heels for children. Boy or girl and even  baby, everyone is entitled to their elegant pair of high heels. Ultra  trendy, the sandal is an important accessory and the brands have  understood. Thus, major brands such as Palladium, Kickers, Replay or  Guess have launched their brand of high heels, some flat high heels and other  high heels near pumps shoes. However, it is marked by the Spartan Les  Tropéziennes by M Belarbi who is still a mark with regard to summer  high heels. Enjoy sales and magical days to buy your cheapest pair of  high heels.

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